Hello all! Hope everyone is well. Man, I'm so excited it's Friday. It's been a good week, but...let's just say I need some R&R baaad. Also, I feel like none of my jeans fit me. Don't laugh. It seems like my perfectly fitting express laboratory denim has shrunk overnight! Maybe I'm just getting fatter. But it's not around the waist - it's like all the sudden all of my pants are highwaters...Hmm. My ankles are on display for the world to see. Something isn't right here...

*And then you look over and I'm as tall as Nan. I mean. What? Nan, you're a supermodel.

Case and I are going on a date tonight. I think we'll go see "Elizabeth" and then head over to the James Joyce for drinks. If anyone is in the 805 and wants to join us, holla! Hah. I'm excited about seeing Cate Blanchett. She is def one of my all time favs. And Geoffrey Rush! AND CLIVE OWEN! I mean, seriously. The costumes look amazing too.

Also, two things I wanted to say. MY NEW SITE WILL BE UP BY MONDAY NIGHT! AS WELL AS A NEW AND IMPROVED CORRESPONDING BLOG! Woo. Be assured, loyal readers, you will have the first link. Also, I think I had a story and a photo published in the Goleta paper today, because the person I interviewed earlier this week called me so excited to see it. I totally forgot about it, but I'm glad she loved it. I need to go grab a copy. It would be nice to see my name in print again. :)

Love to everyone!