Zak and Kellie's Wedding!

So... It's been a while. And when I say a while, I mean over a year. I have totally fallen off the blog wagon, and the only reason I'm back is to post some photos of my fabulous friends who were just married Sunday. :)

Allow me to introduce... Zak and Kellie! I was so honored to be a part of their day. Zak and Casey were close friends from college, and the three of us would hang out whenever he was in town. So naturally, I was so excited to meet Kellie. And she. is. AMAZING.

The day began at Alex's Beauty Bar in Isla Vista, where Kellie and the girls spent the morning getting ready.

Kellie's bridesmaids had these gorgeous metallic sandals. Naturally, I am drawn to sparkly things, so... Picture!

Kellie's bouquet... with hydrangeas! My fav.

Zak and Kellie had a really amazing orthodox wedding at St. Athanasius in IV. It was only the second orthodox wedding I've ever shot, and I loved it. Everything was so infused with meaning and beautiful.

Loved this moment of Kellie and Zak exchanging looks as they circle the altar.

Driving from the church to the reception on the beach was definitely a lot of fun. Zak drove while Kellie sat in the backseat, apparently because she needed to stretch out. So I rode in the front, feeling a tad awkward. :) People kept asking why Kellie wasn't in the front seat! Here's my view...

Zak could not keep his eyes of his beautiful bride, however. I loved the glances he kept stealing in the rearview mirror. :)

The whole gang outside the reception!

Kellie and her fabulous gals...

Kellie and her mom getting kisses! Love this one.

When they arrived at the reception, everyone was so happy to see them.

First dance..

Love this moment with Zak and his mom during their dance...

And instead of a cake, they had a fruit tart, which was gorgeous and yummy.

How cute are they?

And their grand exit surrounded by bubbles!

Zak and Kellie, thank you so much for your friendship and for trusting me with your pictures. Your wedding was so beautiful and Case and I can't wait to share life with you when you return. Have a blast in Costa Rica!



Today is a momentous day, because exactly one year ago, my husband Casey and I got married. :)

Yay, anniversaries! It's only our first one, but I think I like them. :)

We decided to celebrate yesterday and went out for the fanciest breakfast I've ever had...

Of course we needed a silly self portrait to begin the morning. I love that our self-portaits are always back focused. Note to self: GROW LONGER ARMS.

So we ended up at our favorite (and overpriced) breakfast place, Jeannine's on Figueroa. It's definitely our little treat to ourselves once every few months and we decided to get dressed up and get a late breakfast together to celebrate instead of doing the typical "going out to dinner" thing...

Case got some nice champagne to go with his breakfast and I got a Bellini (Champgne and peach nectar) to go with mine. SOOO yummy.

Omelet Capresse with basil, cherry tomatoes and goat cheese. It was definitely way too rich and I only finished half of it. But it's pretty, right?

Afterwards we walked around the little paseo outside and enjoyed the sunshine. Then off to the bookstore to read for a little while. It was so nice to not have anywhere to be...

After a day of laying around the house, watching movies, and going to see "UP" in 3D at the Arlington with our friend Kate (which was FABULOUS, by the way) we took the top layer of our cake out of the freezer to see if it was still intact... I was skeptical, but it actually tastes fine? If we die of food poisoning in the next week or so, you guys will know what happened. :)

Sigh. Such a great day. And now, I'm going to have to get all gushy, so all you others out there in blog land should tune out. This is my "barf alert" to you. :)

Case, I'm so glad I married you. You are my hero and my other half. I can't wait to spend all of our anniversaries together. I'm so privileged to be your wife, and I love you. <3


Hannah and Ben engagement photos!!!

Slowly easing into my morning because it's been a hectic last few days at work! We're really trying to pump out stories at Noozhawk, and so far, we're getting great feedback from the community and in our ad sales. It's been great, but I've lapsed in my blogging a bit.

Last weekend, I had the good fortune of being able to photograph one of my best friends, Hannah, and her fiance, Ben. Their wedding is in September, and although I'm not technically shooting it (although you can bet I'll have my camera there every second!) I'm excited because I'll be in her wedding as her maid of honor! It's hard to express how excited I am about getting all dolled up to stand next to my best friend while she gets married. Hannah was in my wedding last June, and it meant everything that she could fly out and be with me. :)

So... After we shot Michael and Carly's wedding, we drove back to Nashville for a shoot with them downtown before catching a flight back to California.

How gorgeous is Hannah? For reals.

I love you guys so much! Thanks for hanging out with us!!!

Michael and Carly's wedding!

Just wanted to blog about our amazing weekend we spent photographing our friends Michael and Carly's wedding. It was an absolute blast and I was so honored to be a part of the festivities. Casey was in the wedding, but I got to tag along with the wedding party all weekend and photograph everything! Too fun.

Here they are in front of this giant train that was outside of the reception venue...

Seriously, how gorgeous is Carly?

Downtown Paducah has some really fun cobblestone streets and fun buildings, so we decided to take the girls down there for a few shots...

Michael seeing Carly for the first time... I was tearing up. He was so excited to see her!

The boys in the woods behind Carly's parents house...

They exchanged vows under this incredible arbor that Michael built. I was standing behind it so I got to see all the little moments the audience couldn't! I love this moment of the two of them taking communion.

Then the whole wedding party got on a trolley bound for the reception...

Carly and her sisters. Sooo photogenic. I love it.

Everyone sending them off with little ribbon sticks! So cute!


Thank you so much, you two, for letting me part of your day! I am so honored!!! :D