Hey everybody!

Hope all is well in blogland. Does anyone want to go see Dengue Fever with me on April 17th at SoHo? They are an absolutely incredible band and I've been following them ever since I wrote a piece on them for the Voice a few months ago...If anyone is free on that Thursday, you should come out and check out their new album, Venus on Earth.

Check out their music. Amazing. I also love that they don't have a real website. Gotta love the MySpace.


Not much going on in SB this weekend, at least in my life. Apparently, the kids' dad is on tour so Gretchen and I will be watching them non-stop til he gets back to LA in about a month. I'm already exhausted. The saving is going well and hopefully I'll have a place of my own soon! YAY!!!!! So exciting. I will totally miss the family I live with. They are great, but I'm ready to have my own space. And i think they're ready to have their guest room back. :)

Hope everyone is doing well. Was thinking today about coming back to Tulsa. I'm all set to come back to T-Town on April 11th and will be there for just two days, leaving on Sunday. My mom and her friend are throwing me a gigantic bridal shower. I'm honored. Haha. If anyone is in town and wants to stop in and say hi, let me know. It should be a good time.

Okay, I'm out. I'm going to try and corral the kids to bed early. They're so cute - they don't even know when it's too early for bed. They usually just comply without question and ask if I'll read to them. Hehe. Case is coming over later to watch a bunch of documentaries I rented from the library. Whoo! Nerd power! Also, I've discovered that renting from the library is WAY better than paying almost five dollars per movie at Blockbuster. Usually they don't have what you want, but you can always order it, and Blockbuster usually doesn't have what I want either. So why pay for it? Taxdollars at work, people. The library is the way to go, until I can afford Netflix.

Over and out. Have a great weekend everybody!


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I'll come!