Watching this today for the first time. It's incredible, really. Vivien Leigh is absolutely awesome and the perfect counterpart for Brando. It's intense watching her go crazy. I'll post a real post soon.

Full day today. Hung out with the Popps after easter service and had an egg hunt (AMAZING) and played Rock Band on the playstation all afternoon. It was a blast. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such godly, amazing people. I have many hilarious pics to post. For some reason upload, lightroom, resize and upload again just sounds like too much for my exhausted self to handle. I promise I'll post them this week. And CUTS is opening Wednesday, so I'll definitely have pics from that as well.

Need to hit the sack. I'm waking up to run in the morning (whoo!) and I don't want to hit snooze TOO many times...:)

Happy Easter friends!