Watching the kids tonight, just hanging low. Jo is collaging a box (at my suggestion) to give to a boy in her class that she likes. Since all of my magazines are either girly (ie, Anthropologie, J. Crew, wedding mags, etc.) or non-visual (ie, the Economist , Columbia Journalism Review, etc) we tried our best to find some "boy things." I just checked on her, and so far collaged on the box, she has a dog, a basketball, a pair of oakleys, and a married couple kissing on the beach. Hmm. I tried to tell her not to be too obvious, play at least a little bit hard to get. Am I right? But alas, the poor kindergartner wears her heart on her sleeve. She continues to cut and paste.

Apartment searching has yielded no successful results so far. Probably for the best though because once I find a place, I'm going to want to spend a lot on furniture and do my best to make it cute. So it's better that I stay in my slave quarters for now. I'm also addicted to looking at this site (Thanks, Nan!) and scrolling through all the fun rooms. They have a really fun contest going where they give away money to the smallest, coolest apartments. Pretty neat. I can't wait to find a new place to decorate...

I also just stumbled upon this awesome site. It's a simple budgeting program that you should definitely check out if you'd like to have a little more control over your paycheck (who doesn't?) It's great because its not excel (which I loathe) but it works in the same way. And its free.

Case's performance of CUTS is downtown tomorrow night. I'm so excited for him. Its a part of First Thursdays, which is an event on State Street where all the galleries and theatres have exhibits and performances open to the public. They'll be performing an abridged version of the play, and I'm super excited for community exposure and getting some more audience outside of Westmont. We're hoping some people involved in the local companies get to come out and watch. I'm hoping I can grab some pics of the cast on their closing night.

I think I'm going to go lovingly suggest to Jo that she forget about the boys for a while and watch Annie with me. Staging an intervention with musicals is usually effective when dealing with star-crossed kindergartners. Singing AND dancing? Perfect. Anything multi-sensory is the perfect kid amnesiac.

Goodnight, friends. Encourage your children not to fall in love too early and protect their hearts when they do.