Hanging out with the kids tonight. Maybe Case will come over and watch a movie later. I can't believe I only have a week til I move out...Holy cow. It's getting a little ridiculous. There are tons of boxes with my stuff and the occasional wedding gifts that have shown up (so in the midst of the madness, a wok, a mixing bowl, plates, etc.) as well as a table we just bought and four chairs, and a bookcase. I barely have room to move around. EEP.

I'm so excited to be in our new place. I'm really going to miss Gretchen and the kids though. I'm going to miss helping Dash with his spelling homework (my LOT in life, seriously. I get so excited when he gets the words right on his practice tests.) and reading Josephine books before bedtime. My favorite. :) Especially when she hugs me and says "I wish you were my sister." Sniff.

It's times like that that make me forget being woken up early in the morning by her tantrums and eating dinners with way too much ketchup involved. I'm going to miss their little chubby faces and grimy hands. Gretchen is in the process of interviewing a new nanny right now that she told me about. She sounds like a great fit for these guys. She's a nursing major at City College and should be home alot, which is something I couldn't really do as much. I really hope it works out. I love these kids alot.

Anyway, in other news, gas is $4.20 here. I just don't even look at the total when I fill up anymore. There's no point. I drove by a Chevron in Montecito this morning after I dropped Case off at work, and Diesel was over five dollars. Granted it WAS in Montecito, but still.

When does it end? I'm seriously considering parking the car for good. There's no way normal people can afford to drive the way they used to. Chris Humphreys and I were talking about it today, venting. Cities were just designed so poorly, making us dependent on lengthy daily commutes. I'm super pumped that I'll be a couple of miles from my work at my new job. I'll probably try and tune up my silly girl bike and try that for a while. Case will be farther, working in Montecito, but the scooter gets such good mileage anyway, we'll be okay.

Ugh. This economy is so, so frustrating. Sigh.

Well, I'm through being a downer. Excited about taking in a play this weekend at CenterStage, wearing a new sundress, washing my car (I'm a little bit obsessive about keeping it clean, sadly) and making cookies. Whoo. Hopefully I can update with some pics soon...