Sitting at my new and beautiful kitchen table obtained from Craiglist, basking in the prudence of our purchase. Good job, self. I just finished covering a suprisingly tolerable city council meeting and have little energy to prepare a late dinner, so I'm resorting to sugary cereal. Here in the new apt., I only have plastic plates and silverware, and no pots and pans to prepare anything. So...cereal. Lots of cereal. I'm going to gain like a million pounds if I keep eating all these carbs.

Still getting used to the new place. When I'm here, I'm usually by myself, and I still haven't gotten used to all the strange noises of this place. Every home has its little groans that it makes, and this place usually ends up scaring the crud out of me. It gets REALLY windy here at night, for some reason. We're alot closer to the ocean than we used to be, so that probably has something to do with it.

Also, Case and I are trying something new. We've decided not to get a television (for right now, at least) and I'm kindof excited about that. I didn't watch a lot of tv anyway, and as much as I miss the background noise, am I really going to miss those "America's Next Top Model" reruns? No. I'm listening to BBC right now for my news and just got my NY Times breaking news update that Obama won the nomination. So I probably got that news faster than if I had been channelsurfing. You can stay informed and up on everything (sans tv) if you just think outside the box a little. And with so many shows being put online (ie, LOST) it makes things a lot easier. I'm hoping it will force us to read/talk more when we'd otherwise be sitting our butts not acknowledging each other.

So, we'll see how long that lasts. I promise I'll post pictures of our place when I get some time. You aren't missing much, except for my half-empty boxes and my sadly deflating-as-we-speak air mattress. Sigh.

I'm going to go try to fall asleep, in spite of the crazy coastal wind making my house sound creepy. Eep. I'll be hiding under my quilt.