Grabbing dinner and updating before I run out to a meeting.

Wanted to post some of these, because I think they were fun and a blast to roam around and shoot. They probably won't run because we've all but killed the story, but I was shooting an essay-type thing about our hilarious mod-prefab type architecture we have in Old Town. I got to have a little more fun in LightRoom than I would if we had just run them in the paper.

The Coldplay song, "Strawberry Swing," has been quite anthemic today as I work on my writing assignments. I'm glad I gave the new album a chance. I almost didn't because the radio here will not stop playing that confounded "Vida la Vida" song. Bleck. Rhyming scheme, Chris? Really? This song is a goodie, though.

Speaking of writing, it's been really great the past few weeks to hear people come up to me and my boss, Jim Logan, and tell us how much they love the Voice. It's really humbling. As much as I fear that no one reads us, the fact remains that we're really the only consistent coverage dedicated to Goleta. Other places do a great job as well, like my good friend Sonia at Noozhawk, and Ben over at the Indy, but we don't cover anything else and really try to focus on our community. And people really appreciate that. As many quirks as our little paper has (every paper has them), I'm honored to be working with the people I do and blessed to live in such an amazing community. :)

Also, we went to see "Dark Knight" last night and showed up ten minutes before showtime at the Camino Real theatre, only to find out ALL of the shows were sold out? What the heck? So I returned home and watched "Freaks and Geek" season three disk I snagged from Netflix, in which I was delighted to find an eight year old Shia Labeouf made a cameo as an injured school mascot. Amazing!

Check it out, Hannah. :)

Okay, that's all I got. Hope everyone is having a good afternoon!