Spending time with these guys tonight, just like old times! Case and I are babysitting for Gretchen for a few hours tonight and I'm really excited about seeing the kids again. I'm so glad I can still be in their lives even though I'm not their nanny anymore. Can't wait to see you guys!!! :D

Also, going to sephora to buy my mineral makeup. I'm only getting that one thing, and then I'm leaving. I'm on a mission...must...not...succumb to buying...more...products. Sephora is one of my all-time favorite stores. I could seriously spend hours in there, testing different samples, smelling all the perfumes, poring over the latest skin stuff. It's a little ridiculous. I am such a girl. So it's a test of my self control and my adherence to our budget when I go there. Sigh.

*gathers courage*

I'll be fine. Also, how great are Saturdays??? Really great, that's what I say.