Also, being delinquent on the posting side, I have to catch you up on our adventures. Friday night, Case and I went to the Brooks Institute Cota Street Gallery to see an exhibit on the IV Riots, which I wrote a story on last week. The pictures are incredible and I really enjoyed interviewing the photographer, Joe Melchione.

You can see the online gallery here:

I was impressed with the Brooks Gallery also. I had never been there, but if you're in town or local, it's definitely a great way to spend an evening. It was really quiet on Friday and we really enjoyed being able to reflect on the prints.

Friday was also the opening of "Man on Wire" here in Santa Barbara (!!!) and it was FANTASTIC. I highly recommend it. It's the story of a french wire walker that tightropes the distance between the two world trade towers in the 70s. It was truly moving. They showed a montage at the beginning of old footage from the towers being built and it made me tear up hardcore. The film is so much more poignant because the towers are gone now. The movie feels like a true gift in light of all that's happened in the last ten years.

And we treated ourselves to chocolate mousse at Roy on Carrillo and walked around, taking in SB at night. Great night.

We're working pretty hard to get Case's show at Center Stage up and going. I just realized today how close September 5 (opening day) is! I'm so pumped. The cast is organizing a show with some of our friends who are musicians, and donations for the show will be taken at the door. It should be a lot of fun, so I'll post more details this week.


U2Pepperman said...

Hey Lara! This is Johnathan Hayward...just wanted to say that I came across your blog a while back and have been reading it ever since. Really interesting stuff...

That Man on Wire film sounds great! I need to see that. And I'm planning on being at the fundraiser concert with a donation, so I'll see you and Casey there!