Just finished my assignments for the day, and am slowly winding down. I'm thinking it's time to work out and watch "Amazing Race." My old roommate and best friend used to joke about going on the show, racing around the world and hurtling towards the finish line and $1 million. But everyone that goes on the show always ends up having a communication breakdown with their partner, with all the crazy stress, and I wonder if I could actually handle it... Hmm. I will ponder this while I (try to) do situps.

Two other things on my mind.

- I am STOKED to shoot the wedding of two of my very best friends next week! Our friends, Michael and Carly, after years of long distance dating, and many conversations consoling both of them through the crazy lonliness that that begets, are finally getting married! Whoo! Casey and I are flying to Nashville next Thursday to be with them and I am so, so excited to shoot their big day. Man, what an honor. I hope I do a good job! PRESSURE'S ON! :D I can't wait, you two.

-I just realized that I need more pictures of my husband in my life. Since I work two jobs (that I LOVE, don't get me wrong) that involve photography, I sometimes really neglect to take fun pictures, for myself and of my family. I really treasure those, and I need to start shooting them more. I've noticed that a lot of photographers have trouble documenting their OWN lives, myself included. Note to self: work on this.

G'night, all!