'Call me "Lizard King"...No, really, I insist...'

SO Case bought me this desk last night off of Craig's List for my birthday. I know, I know, it looks like a big piece of trash...NOW. But we are going to strip, sand, stain, and refinish our way to a new desk! I'm so excited. It's gigantic (6 feet long to be exact) and I'm going to use it as my first piece for my home office. :D

I'm very excited. And we got it for 20$! I'm such a trash-to-treasure person.

Nothing much to report. I'm at the Goleta Starbucks trying to get some work done. Yesterday I spent almost the whole day with Case, which was so much fun. We just hung out and watched the office and then went to Urban and bought him some new jeans. Fun times. We also watched half of the Good Shepherd with Matt Damon last night. We didn't get to finish it because I needed to get Case home because he had to open at SBucks (AGAIN) this morning, but I'm excited to see what happens. Matt Damon is pretty phenomenal.

Also, yesterday I applied for a photo position back at good old Time Inc. I was daydreaming all day yesterday about how fun it would be to move back to NYC and work for them. Memories.

Alright peeps. I'm out. Hope everyone is doing well today.