It's time to end the silence!

Sooo. I'm trying out this new blog thing and it's really really hard for me to get back in the swing of things! I used to update all the time in high school and then stopped a little while back because I just didn't have time for it. But now, I've decided that I wanted to keep friends and family posted on the move.

I've been in the Santa Barbara area for 15 days now. I think I'm settling okay - still on the lookout for a cheap place to live. I've been staying with Case's aunt and uncle who are AMAZING and so hospitable. They have been soo gracious to let me stay with them and it's been such a great time hanging out with them. I'm pretty ready to be out of their hair though and be in my own apartment. If anyone knows of anyone that needs a roommate in the SB/Montecito/Sorta close to Westmont area, drop me a line. :)

I'm also excited because I made a new friend this week. Her name is Sarah and she showed me the joy of CostCo. I was despairing because groceries are sorta high here and then I discovered Costco, which is kinda like Sam's except way better because they have lots of stuff that Sam's doesn't. It was great fun.

I think the biggest adjustment for me besides missing my KY friends and feeling a little bit like a drifter was, on a less serious note, noticing how healthy the people I live with are. I don't know if it's a California thing or if it's just the Popp family. They kept telling me to eat their food but they eat like wheat grass and mixed nuts and stuff. It's just what they like. And that's amazing. I would probably be way healthier and more productive if I ate like that. I'm just not used to it. SO I went to K-Mart and bought "junk food" - and by junk food I mean what most people in the south eat normally. I bought poptarts and cheezits and condensed soup and shells and cheese. I returned home, satisfied with my purchases, excited to begin eating again. I asked aunt Trish if I could have a space where I put my food in her pantry. She politely agreed and then began to crack up when I unloaded my wares and the whole evening she and Uncle Norm prodded fun at my poptarts. Meh. I need to eat more whole grains. :/

Anyway, besides being awkward while driving downtown and consuming way too much grease for the average local, I really love it here. I'm excited that Miss Hailey is coming to visit later this month as well. :)

Okay so I'm way behind...I'm going to try to post some of our roadtrip photos. Does anyone know if you can post albums?



Michael Conrad Jr. said...

end the silence. begin the revolution. eat healthy.

dream big. love madly.

maxims & mantras. mankind making meditations out of the simplicity/complexity of life.

keep writing. for us and for you. but mostly for a record of where you've been.

haileyrenea said...

Meh!!!! I'm in your blog!!

I just found this page from your facebook- I about peed my pants. I'm calling you soon- we're in desperate need for some phone QT.

I luuuuuvvv you.