Good morning!

Sitting at Starbucks, tweaking images for my website. I'm so excited! I've never had a real site before...You'll all have to visit and let me know what you think. I haven't launched it yet, but my goal is to go live before Monday. :)

Sorry for the radio silence! I moved into a new place this weekend across town. Moving was so much easier this time now that I've gotten rid of all my stuff! Each time I move, I deem less and less essential and throw out more of what I used to need. It's liberating. I feel like I little caterpillar emerging from a little cocoon of stuff that I don't need anymore. WOOT.

So I'm settling in just fine. I love the family I'm living with - they are amazing! So much fun. In case some of you are out of the loop, I am so incredibly blessed. I managed to finagle a job nannying for two kids 20 hours a week in exchange for a private room and food. I love it! We went to the park the other night and made up games , one of which I invented where we play rock, paper scissors and the loser has to run around across the park and back. Now this isn't exactly the most inventive game, I'll admit. But they loved it! It was so much fun.

Case and I are taking their two yellow labs, Cyrus and Betty Lou to the beach Saturday while they're out of town. Fun times. We're also going to the Carpinteria Avocado festival Sunday (yes, you heard me right, AVOCADOES!) with the lovely Michael Conrad, so I hope to post pictures from that as well.

ALSO...As if I haven't posted enough dramatic information in this post already, you may be talking to the newest reporter/photographer of the Goleta Valley Voice! I'm definitely getting way ahead of myself. I have a story to write this weekend and a portrait to shoot as my trial, and if I do a good job on those, I think I have a solid chance of being a staff writer there. I'm so pumped! BENEFITS! A SALARY! Okay. I'm stopping now. Pray that I do a good job!

Okay, I'm off to grab lunch with Case. Kisses!

PS. I just downloaded the newest albums from Robert Frncis and William Fitzsimmons and they are AMAZING! I'm so glad folk music is back.


Anonymous said...

i introduced you to William Fitzsimmons! Meh!

I mith you so bad. You look soooooooo cute all the time.

a paleobotanical mistake said...

You should call me. I miss talking to you.