birthday update!

So my birthday was absolutely fabulous. We didn't end up going to the winery due to some logistic problems, but ended up going to a wine tasting room downtown, Intermezzo, for some amazing drinks. Then Case took me to a morroccan restaurant for dinner, which was awesome. I've never had morroccan food but it was amazing. Yum.

I also got an amazing surprise from Trish and Norm! Trish made me a gigantic, heart shaped cookie cake, which was on the counter when I woke up. They also bought me a really nice bike helmet, which I've been needing really bad. They are amazing! I am so blessed to be surrounded by such godly, amazing people.

Alot of work today. I need to followe up with some magazine jobs today and some other free lance jobs I booked yesterday. The work is slowly but surely coming in! Praise the Lord. Also, I have an update on my living situation soon!

Grace and peace!


Saci Design said...

The case is pretty great. ciao!

Casey said...

"Logistic problems." Namely, me being an idiot.

Thank you for being forgiving. I hope you still had a good time.

Rachel said...

you're beautiful.
and I wanna see Across the Universe!

I love you and miss you. It's so refreshing to hear that you're leaning on the Lord. I'm going to a new church tomorrow, and I'm really excited - I'm going with some girls I work with. Do you wanna start emailing? I'm so much better at that than the phone.

love you, dearie.