I'm such a parent right now.

I just tucked the kids into bed. I babysat them for the evening while Gretchen went out. We played board games and watched spongebob. I love that kids are so easily entertained.

I told them that after we did their homework, we would go get ice cream cones from McDonald's. They freaked out.

These kids go crazy for sugar. I was a little scared.

Who would've thought that a 99 cent ice cream would solicit so much insanity? I wish I had known. I'm a hero.

Not much going on here, as I'm sure you can tell. :) Also, I just started watching "Entourage" because I have HBO in my room now, which is sweeeet. It's a really well written show and I really enjoy Adrian Grenier's (sp?) acting.

Also, Case's opening night is Friday!!!! WHOOOO! If you would like to go and be my date, since my boyfriend will be onstage in a monk robe, please call.


Casey said...

Know you wrote this a while ago, but "monk robe"?! I mean, seriously.