A few things:

-Etsy.com is my new favorite site. I'm determined to buy my wedding jewelry there and support handmade stuff from self-published artists. Woot.

-SPJ Narrative Writing Workshop tomorrow in San Jose! I'm pumped. Although I have to leave ungodly early in the morning, I'll pull in about 9:00 a.m. for a conference led by this amazing feature writer from the Oregonian. I'm excited to pick his brain.

-Appleseed Cast is bringing back memories from highschool right now. In a good way.

-The apartment hunt has had some good possibilities in the works. I'm looking at a few possibilities in the next fews weeks and my expectations are high. Yay! I can't wait til we get a place I can post pictures of on here.

-Editing right now. Adobe LightRoom is a gift from heaven. Seriously.

-I have my Jetta back from the shop! For those of you that don't know, my car was in a little accident a few weeks back, and the hood was crunched. But now it looks fabulous. Yes.

That's the update for now. Hope everyone is well. :)