quick update...

HI everyone.

Updating this from beneath my covers in my room. I've been inside all day, trying to fend off some kind of stomach bug/flu thing. Not pretty. I won't go in to detail, but I'm sure you know what I mean when I say I don't feel so great. Had to miss Case's baccalaureate program tonight to stay home and sleep. I'm hoping I have enough strength to go to his commencement tomorrow.

I feel like a bad girlfriend. :( Sorry, Case.

Welp, I've been watching movies all day and drinking sprite and it hasn't been half bad. Jim was gracious enough to let me stay home from work today, and I feel like tomorrow, I'll be on the mend.

I'm starting to feel sleepy again...But! Wanted to update everybody with some important news! I THINK WE HAVE AN APARTMENT! I'm so incredibly excited. It's been such a ratrace here to find something affordable and yet NOT disgusting. The rental market here is SO competitive (Not enough rentals and most people can't afford to buy homes, what with a median home price in Goleta resting somewhere around $850,000) so we've been pretty discouraged lately. But we were so blessed when our friend Michael told us that one of Casey's stagecraft teachers was moving to Massachusetts at the end of the month. They are the sweetest family and let us stop by and...it's just what we're looking for. PRAISE GOD. And its a great deal and it's HUGE. I'm pumped.

We won't be able to move in until June 1st, which is cutting it kinda close with the wedding and all, but. I'm excited. :) Our first place!!!

Alright, this is really ridiculous. I don't even have the strength to blog at length. I'm going to go consume some more liquids. Thanks to everyone who prayed we would find a place!!!!



Hicks Family said...

I'm so glad we could help you guys find a home. I know you will enjoy it here. I hope you are feeling better.