quick post

Sipping my coffee, catching up on the news and trying to fit in a quick blog before work. Just saw a replay of Hillary's speech at Western. I'm sure there were lots of PJ nerds there. I saw the media building in the background and it made my heart hurt. Sigh. I miss BG, and yet...I don't. It's very weird. I'm not making any sense.

Also, I ran this morning around the neighborhood at 6:30. Woo! I'm really excited. I just realized I have 26 DAYS to get in shape for my wedding dress. HOLY COW. So I've decided to put myself through a sort of self-imposed boot camp. I'm going to be waking up to run and do strength training every day before work. Ugh. Why do I procrastinate so? I'll let you know how it goes.

Okay, jetting off to work. Jim is going to Cabo on Wednesday, so we only have two days to put together the paper. Eesh. Lunch today with my writer friend, Sonia.

More later. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the weather!