Oh, Tuesday...

I bought this print today, on a whim. I really enjoy Laura Levine's work, and artist I discovered on 20*200, a blog which showcases work from up-and-coming artists and sells prints, starting at $20. Most of the work they put up is really neat looking, and I've been waiting to snag one I really like. What's most interesting to me is that whenever a new work is posted, most of the smaller prints, and many times the bigger ones, are sold within minutes! They go like hotcakes! It's a really interesting business model. Making something as lofty and cool as art accessible to tons of people and putting the proceed back towards the artists themselves. I'm definitely into that.


In other news, I experienced my first earthquake today! I was sitting at my desk, working away, when my chair started sliding around. Before I could realize what it was, Martha says "Earthquake!" It was amazing. The whole earth just wobbles back and forth for a few seconds. It started to make me a little bit motion sick, but calmed down before anything too crazy happened. Fun times!

I'm a little bummed because I think that a trip I was planning to make with my love and a few of our friends has been shut down. My plan was to take tomorrow off and journey down to the Getty in LA, and get dinner there in the evening, but I think I have too much work to do to take off. I've written three stories today and needed to get five done, so I'm thinking it's not gonna happen. :/ Oh well.

Definitely going to try and go for a run after work since I wimped out and drove to work today instead of biking. BAD, self. Bad. Also, I just noticed that my vitamins have 200 MILLIGRAMS of caffeine in them? Eww? Something is terribly wrong with that.

Hope everyone is doing well! Merry Tuesday, friends!