Here's a shot I took this morning to accompany an article I wrote about Goleta's increase in bicycle commuters. It probably won't run, but I liked it anyway. I'm glad the story is running after what feels like years of working on it, piece by piece.

As my lack of posting indicates, our internet is still down. LAME! It probably will be until we can get our landlord's friend to look at it on Saturday. So it's off to the library and the coffee shops for me. Looking at our bank statements yesterday, and a TON of our purchases this week are at coffee shops. I feel like I have to buy something whenever I take advantage of their free wi-fi, so I've had a litany of $2-$3 drink charges that I normally wouldn't. Grr. Come back, internet! We miss you on Evonshire Avenue...:(

Also, working on a story that might be good. Just kind of simmering on the back burner right now, but I'm making lists and planning some interviews for the future. It might even be a good multimedia, if I can get my act together...

Speaking of which, I'm in the market for some audio equipment if anyone is looking to sell. Case and I would like to get an audio recorder, cables, a couple of shotgun mics, and eventually some Protools and FinalCut going on. We're wanting a higher end recorder (a Marantz, in my dreams, or an Edirol or m-Audio would work just fine.) We need something that takes good interview sound but would also pick up some nice ambient for mixing. I'm wanting to move more into web journalism and want to start working on projects that phase out print altogether and Case wants something for interviews. Let me know if you guys have any advice on what's good.

Dream machine:

This is a boring post. Sorry about my lack of exciting life events...:/ Maybe this weekend will be more exciting...