Summer time, and the living is easy...

Taking it easy today, escaping to Coffee Cat downtown to update le blog and my website. I will have a few new pictures from Brooke and Micah's wedding posted up there soon, so that will be fun. Hopefully our internet will be fixed soon! :/

In the meantime, I will be happily fulfilled by a goat cheese and pesto crepe.

Had a lot of fun with a few friends for supper club. I'm really hoping that's a tradition we can keep up with. Every 2-3 weeks, we've been rotating houses with 3-4 friends and we each bring something and then another person is in charge of bringing ingredients for a main course, which we all cook together at the host's house. I can't even tell you how fun it is. Next time we have one, I'll definitely shoot some pictures. :)

After dinner, we ran down to Paseo Nuevo to watch "Bottle Shock," which was a hilarious and light-hearted look at how California became respected in the global marketplace as a premiere purveyor of wines back in the 70s. Alan Rickman is fantastic as a british sommelier in Paris who travels to California to explore the local viticulture. Very funny - a perfect summer date movie right now.

Also, off the subject, the New York Times has done a fantastic job with articles and multimedia explaining the scope of national and global debt. It's quite eye opening. I would encourage everyone to read it. How our government uses our tax dollars and how we manage our own money is more important than ever.

Happy Saturday, loves! I'm off to buy flowerpots at OSH! :D


Anonymous said...

How is it that you make our life look so cute?