Monday, schmonday

Does anyone want to go see "Man on Wire" with me? It looks absolutely
fantastic. If you haven't watched the trailer already, do. It opens
here in Santa Barbara next Friday, and I'll definitely be there,
popcorn in hand. And it got %100 on Rotten Tomatoes! Superb.

It's a slow, slow day following an even slower weekend. Not slow in a
bad way...just. Uneventful. Our internet has been down for a few days,
so we've been trapsing over to Goleta Coffee to update our blogs and
check up on email. Add a lack of internet to the no-tv zone that is
our apartment, and things are getting a little...dull. :) I'm such a
post-modern. Without a half-dozen stimuli buzzing around me, I get

Also, just got an email from Amy, a bride whose wedding I'll be
shooting in September in Nashville. Not only am I super excited to
meet her and her fiance, Derek, I'll be staying with my college
roommate, super friend extraordinaire, and star designer, Hannah
Moody. *dances in chair* I can't wait!

Also, zinnias from the farmer's market! The view from my desk...

Happy Monday evening, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I'll go with you!