Just got back from Ben and Mical's wedding up north. How beautiful is Mical?! Mical and Ben, I'm so glad I got to witness all of the events this weekend, and Mical, I'm glad you're a part of our family! :D

It was SO good to see all of our family, including Mark and Helen and Nancy, Casey's parents and sister, who live in Asia and flew back for the wedding. We love you guys and wish we could see you more...

I'm pretty exhausted from the trip and everything we did, but I've got a few hours to take a nap now. YAY, NAPS.

Case is rehearsing from 3:30 to 9:30 tonight. This week is crazy for him because of his opening of "Othello" and "Measure for Measure" Thursday. I'm going with some girlfriends for backup - moral support, you know. ;)


Anonymous said...

That looks amazing, baby.

Mical, you're gorgeous.