So... many... PROJECTS...

Sorry I've been underground for the last few days. I'm really pushing hard to have my new website up and running by tomorrow or this weekend at the latest. Yippee! Which means less blogging and more nose to the grindstone. I can wait to show everyone the work I've been up to.

I've also been busy with other things. Yesterday, I stopped by the Independent's budget meeting and met their staff (who are all fabulous) and talked with an editor there about doing some freelance work, which would be a lot of fun if it works out. I'm also thinking about doing some volunteer work up at Fairview Gardens, an organic farm right here in the city of Goleta, which could be AWESOME. I'll be interviewing for that tomorrow.

Fun times! God is so good to me. Sorry for such a lame post! I'm busy working, the results of which you will all hopefully be privy to soon... :)