Dinner adventures...

Today I decided I would embark on a little adventure. Casey usually does most of our cooking, with my prowess relegated to bread and dessert. Usually, I just stay out of the way during dinner time and let him do his thing. For dinner tonight, I decided to give him the night off since he has a rehearsal and take the brunt of the cooking on myself...

So I decided on a relatively simple pasta dish. How can you go wrong with that? I consulted a great little cook book we got for our wedding. Here I am wondering "is it true? Can, in fact, anyone cook?"

I am incredulous. Doubtful, I press on. But then I notice that the skill level of the recipe is noted as a "2." This bodes well for me.

Definitely my first recipe with baby broccoli (which is sweeter and more mild a flavor than normal broccoli) but it turned out quite well, I think.

Case was very complementary when he got home. Despite my creation of another mediocre pasta dish, he was gracious. I bought a modestly priced cab, lit a few tea lights, a mini-date night was made.


Nice job, self. Maybe I will venture into the kitchen more often... :)


Casey said...

Yay mini date night!

The pasta was wonderful, in case any of your readers were wondering.

Yes, my wife is amazing.

Lara said...

Umm. You have a BLOGGER? How did I not know this???

Update so the world with be blessed with your astute insight!