I am such a delinquent blogger. I'm very ashamed. I always make fun of the people who never post, letting a month (or two) go between entries, and even complain "Why do they even have blogs???"

Well, after a week of being MIA, I come back to you, blog and loyal readers (aka my friends who still check this) with hat in hand to say - I'm sorry. I'm back now. Will you take me back and forgive me for being a slacker?

I hope you said yes. Because I actually have a (sortof) legitimate excuse. I started my new job a week and a half ago! YIPPEE! I am so in-heart with it. Everyday I get to wake up, search out some stories, go out and talk to people and come home and write (in my pajamas if I want to!) and I get to report on news for Santa Barbara County. I am not exaggerating when I say I am having a blast.

If you live in Santa Barbara, Noozhawk should be your source for local news. End of story. And not just because you guys are my biggest fans. :D

Sigh. So on top of landing an amazing job (THANK YOU, LORD) I had an amazing long weekend/Valentine's Day. Details and pictures later, I promise. And no more avoiding you, dear blog. <3