Back from cycle land

Just got in from the Amgen Tour of California Time Trials that came through Solvang today. I went with another photographer to shoot the event, which draws THOUSANDS of people out to see all these pro cyclists. I'm not super into cycling (make that not at all) but it was so fun to get out and shoot all day. I'll link to the slideshow I made for the website when it's posted. Also, shot Lance Armstrong, who had surprisingly little facial expression. Not a great shot, but hey, I was a little bit starstruck. He also did not do so well, and ended up placing 14th. Whoops.

Time to enjoy the bottle of wine they gave all the media (It's GOOD to live in wine country.) They hooked us up with some SWEET swag, including a cool messenger bag and handmade chocolates. We're staying in tonight to savor these goodies and catch up on our netflix. Whoo!

What's everyone up to for the weekend?


Casey said...

Slideshow looks awesome baby!