I just want to say thanks to everyone who has been praying for me. Your prayers are more effective than you know, and I can tell even now, that the Lord hears and will continue to be moved by the words of his people.

SO thanks. :)

So many things are going haywire in my life right now. Still no permanent place to live, and no stable work outlet to depend on. And then last night I got the word last night that my parents are asking for their car back. I knew they would need it back eventually, because they can't afford to shoulder California insurance. It took me by surprise because I thought by now I would've found work. And now I have to continue that search car-less. They offered me (again) the chance to move home and continue the job search in Tulsa, rent free and with no expense.

After I saved up, prayed for months, and drove all the way across America to get here.

After a minor crisis in whether I would go or stay, I spent some time in the word and rediscovered the story of Ruth. I read about how she chose to leave her home, everything she knew, and retain her loyalty to her mother-in-law, in spite of the "secure" thing to do, which would be stay and look for a new husband. Even though the two of them were destitute they had each other. And life was kindof tough. Ruth picked up grain to eat OFF THE GROUND that servants left behind for her. That's just barely squeaking by, folks. I mean I don't think I've gotten to that point yet. I can still afford my latenight tacobell. But. That is neither here nor there. I am running out of money and I might be picking up grain off the ground soon.

So. Back to my analysis. Ruth did what she could to provide for Naomi, they were getting by okay, and then WHAM! This sugar daddy Boaz swoops in and gives her everything she needs, praising her faithfulness to Naomi and calls her a "woman of excellence" (3:11) God knew what she needed all along, she proved herself faithful, and everything turned out fine.

You may be wonder why I am writing this. I'm not really sure. But I do know that the Lord gave me a moment of clarity today:

"Focus on relationships first and everything you need I will provide."

Seriously. I heard it. And I know that I am supposed to be here in California, nurturing some VERY important relationships (ahem my future husband and also some very new but amazing friends the Lord has brought into my life.)

I really feel like the Lord told me that relationships, and people, should be the most important things in our lives, second only to our relationships to Him. People are important. More important than jobs, and security, and wealth.

And that is something I learned today. :D


Anonymous said...

Can I just mention again how incredible your are?