East Beach Saturday

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So yesterday was alot of fun. Went to East Beach with Case and laid out while he read some homework on globalization. Man, am I sooo glad to be done with homework. Sorry Case. I envy you not. :)

Also, been poking around trying to mess with pictures on here. Since blogspot is free, I guess there's no image hosting. SO I went through flickr, which is free. That's cool but it's kindof a pain in the butt to use. t's not very intuitive. Nan! I need your help! You know about all this blog stuff.

Church tonight which I am EXCITED ABOUT!!! Worship. Yay.

Also, we have a new visitor in our house. We are watching Lolly, a little tiny poodle, for nineteen days. Yay! No one is ever home so she doesn't get a lot of love. I'm going to take her for a walk in a sec. I think we're going to be fast friends.

Okay. I'm out. Flickr ticks me off, so I'm going to take a break. :(


Casey said...

I found your blog! Yay!

I love you!