"she made us drinks...we drunk 'em"

So I have a new favorite place. I'm at Coffee Cat, a coffee shop on Anacapa Street, which is one of my favorite places to work, because they aren't super corporate, they have good drinks, the service is really good, and they have free wireless. For some reason it seems that fewer establishments offer free internet than at home. Anyway, I think the workers are getting used to seeing me here. Awkward.

Also, I may or may not be listening to T-Pain's "Bartender" song. It's true. I mean, it's hilarious. I just keep thinking about Hannah saying if they do that elctronic voice thing that they must sing really bad. I love the silly rap music. No one understands me.


haileyrenea said...

Hannah and I were leaving Target tonight and we heard it in the car and she told me the same story!!

For some reason that makes me feel like you aren't so far away.

Come home.