The point is. I'm still alive.

In the midst of playing mom. The kids are upstairs playing and I have a little bit of time to read the paper, check my e-mail, and perhaps even blog a line or two.

I've had the kids by myself since Thursday night while Gretchen is at a horse show fours hours away. And by the time Sunday night reaches (her estimated time of arrival), I will be the most exhausted I've ever been.

The kids have actually been really well behaved, but the problem is both of them have come done with some sort of stomach-flu-mysterious-illness thing that makes their stomachs hurt and they throw up at night.

Last night Jo woke up around 1:30 crying and saying her stomach hurt, so I gave her some meds and laid in bed with her a while before she fell asleep. The night before, she threw up and didn't quite make it to the bathroom. You can imagine how overjoyed i was to deal with that situation.

Yesterday, Dashiell threw up in the cafeteria while we were all eating breakfast before I took them to their classes. So humiliating for him. :( I skipped work and stayed home with him all day.

The point of this post is:

a) I am VERY VERY VERY not ready to be a mommy. I'm way way to selfish and I enjoy my sleep. I would like to not be woken up at 6:45 on a Saturday by a kindergartner wondering where breakfast is for a very long time.

b) I hope Gretchen is having a great weekend, because I feel like I'm gonna pass out all the time. Must...have...more...sleep...

Going to go see if I can slip in a nap.

Hope everyone is well!


Anonymous said...

You're pretty much my hero.