a post from the Farmer Boy...

So I'm sitting in the greatest little diner ever right now, which just happens to be right down the street from my house. It's called the Farmer Boy restaurant. Oh yeah. It's so authentic. Naugahyde booths, friendly waitresses. AND free wireless. I love this place. I also rode my bike here, which makes me so happy. The weather is absolutely incredible (I'm wearing flip-flops, and my toes are not cold with remorse for the first time in a while.)

I love this time of year. Spring and Fall, in that order, are my favorite seasons. Something about transition in the air makes me feel at peace and refreshed. Speaking of transitions, I've been thinking alot about my life and my goals. Case and I have been talking about where we'd like to be. We're getting married in June (As most of you reading are fully aware) and are looking forward to making our first home in Santa Barbara. We've unofficially decided to stay here for a few months until December, and then pack up and move to city like Seattle or Austin. As much as we love Santa Barbara, the expense of living here is a bit suffocating, especially on a young, married couple. It's all in God's hands, and wherever he leads us we will faithfully follow. But we're excited about all the possibilities. It's so refreshing to know that we can pack up and go anywhere. No house to be tethered to, no kids to uproot from schools systems. It's a good place in life. I'm really excited for us. :)

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I'm making a pact to post more pictures, but the truth is, nothing really picture-worthy happens on the weekdays. So I am going to post more during the week and post pictures on the weekends.

Today Case and I are going up to Westmont to model for a photography class that our dear friends Chris and Katie Humphreys are teaching. They are amazing people and incredible photographers! I am just so pumped to get an engagement session from them (even if it is in front of a bunch of people!) Haha. Hopefully, I'll be able to post some of their shots from today up here sometime next week.

I'm a shameless promoter of their stuff (It's true.)


Also, hanging out with our dear friend Michael tonight, so I'll be posting pictures from that as well. He's moving soon. :( I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!! *tears

Okay, over and out, homieS. I have a Belgian waffle in front of me that deserves my full attention. :)