A short update before I crawl into bed...

Just in from a three hour long Planning Commission meeting. Definitely not short by any means, but nothing compared to the last one, which was over five hours long. I kid you not. The topic of that marathon discussion was putting a Marriott on top of a Chumash midden that could possibly contain human remains, and two other plots near the site are actual Chumash cemetaries. (The Commission went ahead with it. Jerks.) Definitely important stuff but...eesh. It's tough to stay awake sometimes. Between the grumpy NIMBY people and city staff that want to develop every piece of open space left, I really don't side with either. I just do my best to take notes, listen to the important points, be fair, and not look at the wall clock too much.

Also, the benefit show at Red's was...interesting. That place is so, so crazy. They TRIPLE BOOKED the coffee shop our night. When we pulled up, a hardcore band was playing, and that's when I knew it couldn't be good. We asked the guy working what was up and he said this happens all the time there. So the other band showed up and we worked out a plan. They would play inside and we would take the parking lot. Of course, the sun was setting and there were no lights so...we pulled in Elise's amazing and aging Volvo and ran the show by the headlights the whole time. We gave new meaning to "the show must go on." Seriously. Everyone that came was a great sport about it, gave graciously, and we ended up raising over $150 for the show. :) God is good.

I sent out all of our CUTS press releases, and saw our calendar listings on the Independent's website and Noozhawk, so that's great. Also, all of the posters are up downtown, so keep your eyes open for those.

Time to go pass out. Hope everyone is doing well.