Random thoughts before the weekend...

Just hanging out at work, excited about the start of the weekend. Here's what I have planned:

-Date night with Case tonight (maybe Hungry Cat or tapas at Milk and Honey? We'll see.)
-Sleep in
-Make some bread
-Finish reading "Selling the Invisible" (Thanks, Chris!)
-Work in my garden (aka hover around my window box on the patio and pick aphids off of my little tomato plant)

Exciting forecast, no? Work has been good (busy as always) this week, and I'm ready to turn my brain off and veg this weekend. Case has been rehearsing pretty much every night, leaving me all by my lonesome. So if any of my SB girlfriends want to hang out sometime, give me a hollllaaaa. No. Seriously. Do. :)

Other thoughts:

-"Metropolis," an old favorite that somehow got put in our Netflix queue, showed up at our doorstep this week. Fantastic. Nothing trumps the hilarity of silent films.

- John Mayer's "Live in Los Angeles" album is amazing these days. Thanks to Nan for giving it to me. :) I can't listen to it and not smile. What a fabulous musician, no two ways about it. I hate to cater to popular taste, but you know...It's a good album. I'm not snobby/indie enough to shun John Mayer. Never.

-Getting excited about flying to Nashville to shoot and hang out with Hannah, my best friend from college. We'll be launching a new business soon (!) and we're both super pumped about what's going on. More details on that as soon as I return from Tennessee. :D

Also in other random news, I just found out that our City Council members only get paid $363 a month for what they do. Unlike Goleta's water board (which has its own problems) which gets paid by the meeting, our councilmembers get a flat fee, no matter how much time they put in. Pretty amazing. I noticed this because they'll be talking Tuesday about a 5% increase in their pay, which would bring it up to a whopping $400 a month in December, after the local election here. Say what you will about motivations to run for local government, but they sure ain't in it for the money. Props to anybody that serves on a local level like that.

Over and out!



a paleobotanical mistake said...

Miss you. Phone date soon?

Did I tell you I'm teaching?

My classes have blogs. You'll have to check them out. I have lots of funny stuff to tell you about my students. We had a tarot reader come to class yesterday. Haha. I'm the weirdest instructor ever. Crazy cat lady here I come. I'm already there. Oh yea.