New day, new play...

Case and I are starting to work on our next play, still riding high on the success of his first show. This next play is also going to be "docu-comedy" in nature, and we've already started interviewing people, informally. The show's working title is "Afraid" and we'll be exploring people's fears, past and current, how they cope with their fears, fears they can't conquer, and the like. The first story we gleaned from another actress left us nearly in tears from laughing so hard. She told us about how when she was a child, she felt certain her mother's body was actually a zip up suit with a tiny man inside. She told us she imagined the tiny man looked like Joe Pesci, from "Home Alone."

We're also definitely doing a scene involving my best friend's childhood (Adult?) fear of Big Bird from "Sesame Street."

In other words, it should be nothing short of strange and hilarious.
I've been put in charge of set design (!) which I have NO IDEA how to do but am having fun knocking around things we could do.

I'm pulling out some Michel Gondry movies as inspiration, because I definitely think his humor and sense of scale will be perfect for dealing with what people fear.

Also, look how much different the "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" cover looks in Japanese? It looks much more magical than the American version. Typical.


U2Pepperman said...

I'm really excited for this next play. It sounds like an awesome idea!