On the eve of my birthday, exhaustion.

I feel like a busy little worker bee these days, buzzing around, running errands for this, writing a story for this. It's all so crazy these days! Wow. It's good to sit for a few minutes in the quiet of my little apartment. My kitchen timer is about to go off - I'm cooking artichoke ravioli for us! My own original recipe, from Trader Joe's, of course. Heh. I'm not much of a cook these days. My husband puts me to shame.

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday! Yay! Go self. Do that birthday dance. *shake*

Also, I'm excited to post more images later this weekend. I'll be shooting a wedding in Montecito with Chris and Katie Humphreys that promises to be absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait! I'll be sure and post some favorites up here.

Back to my ravioli creation. Hope everyone is well!