A Sunday Update...

So Casey's run of "Othello" and "Measure for Measure" at the Lit Moon Theater festival is finally over. After rehearsing non-stop for the past month, the show was a GIANT success. So proud! Charles Donelan at the Independent gave the cast a glowing review in this week's issue. Yay!

Here's the whole review, along with a killer picture of Casey's dress... HOTTIE! Ha! :D


I'm so happy for them. Even though I've been privy to some groundbreaking theater this past week, I'm excited to have my husband back for a while. :)

Last night, while Case did his last show, I got to spend some time with my girlfriends Sarah and Becca. We made indian food (by ourselves!) and then made a big pallette on the living room floor and watched "The Office," sleepover style. Fun times.

We picked up some winter herbs from Island Seed and Feed down in Old Town yesterday, where Matt Buckmaster hooked us up with all of these for free! How cool is that? He is the greatest guy and if you ever need any gardening advice, they are definitely the place to go. We're going to be putting these in our window box hopefully later today... Chives, parsley, oregano... Sounds like key ingredients to a nice, hearty winter stew, no?

Happy Sunday, y'all!