a note from the bibliophile

Sometimes, there's nothing like being at home by yourself, curling up on your couch with a cup of tea, and blogging to your hearts content. Case just left for an acting class, and I've been left at the apartment to my own devices. No meetings to go to, very little work and I completely intend to maximize my evening. Mainly by watching a movie and doing my nails. Wooo! I love being girly.

And sometimes, I think that my husband and I might be the nerdiest people on the planet. And not as in chic, cool nerdy. Not like Ellen Page-Michael Cera nerdy. Take out all of the cuteness and the cool obscurity, and you would have us. Example. Here is a conversation that my husband and I had while we were both at our respective places of employment yesterday:

C: I decided to organize our book shelf today. These are the categories I came up with:

Old School Books
Useful Books

How does that look to you? Each category would have its own shelf/shelves, and (maybe) be in alphabetical order within that.

L: Oh. My. Gosh. You are SUCH a librarian. Martha (my co-worker) says you need to get out more.

C:Do you like the organizing system though?

P.S. jerk


WHAT?! Who organizes their books at home by CATEGORY? I just... don't know how I feel about that. Also, to prove how much of I nerd I am (I can't just rail on C, because that wouldn't be fair. I must be EQUALLY disparaging.) I just found this calculator online that tells you how much your library saves you per year!


I check out about 10-15 books a month and probably about 5 or so movies, and it says that I save $900 a year by using the library! Wow!

But this is what I mean. Most 23 year old women do not sit around calculating how much they save by using the library. Sigh. I'm going to go and get a life now. Somehow...

Also, sorry to leave the blog up on such a downer. This week has been really great and my friends and family have been so encouraging. I just needed some time to process and pray and I feel restored now. Thanks, friends. :)


Casey said...

You know you love me.

a paleobotanical mistake said...

You know I love you both!

We should be neighbors so we can do misanthropic geeky things in closer proximity :)

I'm at home tonight with a mineral mask on my face listening to Sigur Ros. I just got done brushing the cats with this crazy defurbinator thing. I also updated ical and made custom colors for all of my labels. Now I am going to take a hot shower and go to bed.

We are equal, you and I.


Loves you. Hope things are going well.