Back from Berkeley World

Hello friends. Sorry for the hiatus... We got back in from spending Thanksgiving week with Casey's brother and his new wife at their house in Berkeley, which was a BLAST. I got to run around in San Francisco for a day, reveling in the pace of life and the energy that exists in a big city, something I have missed greatly since moving to Santa Barbara... It was... Magical. We went to the Museum of Modern Art and enjoyed all the whimsical absurdity of art, then went to Golden Gate Park, with Thanksgiving leftovers in tow, for a picnic and a game of croquet. (Which was as hilarious as it sounds.)

I'm back at work today and learned this morning that not only are we in a recession, but we have been for a year. I kindof want to be like, "Yeah, no duh."

Although I'm not ready to jump on the bandwagon of doomsday-Peter Schiff types, I am ready to make the most of it. Maybe this is what we need to get back to what matters. Back to basics, so to speak.

This week, I spent time reveling in the simple things. Instead of going out, preparing a meal with my sister and brother-in-law in their new home. Staying in to drink wine and play board games with new friends. And it was one of the most memorable Thanksgivings I've ever had.

It may be a little bit hypocritical of me to proclaim calm to everyone since I don't have as much at stake as others do. I'm not retiring any time soon and I don't have oodles of money invested in a portfolio just yet. But I am a part of this economy, as a worker, and know that my job is as tenuous as ever. Everyday, I feel blessed to be employed and thankful to the Lord for meeting our needs.

Really seeing the natural beauty of where I live, riding my bike in the morning, laughing with my husband, cooking a great meal, talking on the phone with my parents... These are the things that bring calm to the storm for me. Also, watching every "Lost" episode in succession has great effect as a recession stress reliever. Netflix, be prepared. I will be updating my queue later.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving like I did! Grace and peace. <3

ps. I'm also going to be launching a brand new photo website soon!!! Get excited... :D


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