news-press, schmooze-press...

Well, it happened. It's a good thing I just posted about getting back to basics, because that's what I'll be doing more of in the next few months.

Yes, folks. It's true. Today I lost my job. You can read about here, by my good friends at the Indy.

I'm much too tired to post about it at this point, but basically the head of HR of the News-Press showed up today and told all three of us that the Valley Voice was being killed as a publication and told us to pack our stuff immediately and had security guards escort us out. Classy. Anyway, I'm feeling pretty upbeat about it, even though I'm bummed not to be covering the city anymore... It still feels a little bit surreal.

Anyhoo, more tomorrow, now that I'll have LOTS of time to be blogging... :)

Grace and Peace


U2Pepperman said...

sorry to read about this, Lara. you'll be in my prayers...i hope you find something quickly. i've been on the hunt for a job for the past few months. God is in control!

nathan said...

LARA, So so so very sorry to hear about this Stay steadfast in your faith and lean on your husband during these tough times YOU will pull through with flying colors.

...just came across your blog today!
email me if you need anything.
prayers for you