New year, new... office?

After ten days of traveling, it's fantastic to be back in Santa Barbara. No matter how excellent the trip or how amazing the destination, I'm always relieved and excited to be home. I didn't use to think of myself as a homebody and still recoil at the accusation... but I sort of am one.

Today will be filled with blog posts! Yay! I meant all along my trip to update, but... Well. You know how the holidays are. We single-handedly saw dozens of friends and family members in three different states over our ten day journey, and being on the computer was the last thing on my mind. I have lots of trip pictures to update today, which I'll hopefully get to sometime today after lunch.

One of my new year's projects I'm tackling is getting organized, which leads inexorably to getting our home office in shape. Those who know me best know that I hate, hate, hate clutter. It just... stresses me out. I can't work or think until my workspace is clean. Technically, I could probably chalk it up to OCD, but I like to think it's a necessary evil when living in a small apartment.

So I'm browsing IKEA and Domino for ideas. I'd like to figure out how to make a storage unit like on of these work to store our papers and office knick knacks...

Also, blogger is moving really slow right now... Grrr.


Kellie said...

Costco sometimes has those organizer-shelf-things for cheap and they last forever :) although I think they mostly stock black ones ... Not sure what color you're looking for but it's a good place to start!

good luck :)