Taking a break from my stories today for a quick blog post. It's been a busy Friday and an even busier week. A great one, but I'm definitely ready for a break.

Wanted to post some pictures of my shoot from last Saturday and my three hour hike on the Jesusita trail with the muni guys. Check them out, if you haven't already. They are fantastic guys and I'm hoping to have a story and a slideshow up next week of my images and interviews with them.

Here's Eyal, riding while balancing on this ledge thing.

And Dennis hopping from rock to rock on his uni.

The trail was so awesome. I'm trying to talk Case into going up there with me this weekend. Okay, I'm off to keep writing. Oh, and here's the slideshow from the amgen race that I said I would post, like a million weeks ago. Eesh.