Violet turns 90!

So yesterday I had an opportunity I don't get too often, but when I do, I'm always excited. About a week ago, I had a lady send me an inquiry about shooting an event. Not unusual, but as she told me more, I knew it would be a special one. :) Turns out, her grandmother, Violet, was turning 90 and family from all over was flying in for a super fun birthday party!

Of course, not being one to turn down a party, I said "Absolutely!" And I'm so glad I did! Jana and her cousin, Lori, did a great job planning the whole event and it went without a hitch.

They were so welcoming and their family is amazing! I was so honored to be there shooting - with my own family living across the country, I know how important family pictures are. When you finally do get together, you want to save those memories forever.

So here we go... :)

When Violet first walked in, she was totally swamped with hugs and kisses!

Cousins Jana and Lori who did all the planning..

One of our big group shots. Love it.

This one might be one of my favorites. Violet was so cute.

Thanks so much guys for such a fun afternoon. :D



Maury said...


You have truly blessed our family. Thank you for taking time to document this very important life event.

Maury (Jana's Husband)

Kara said...

violet is absolutely precious. and the pictures are great. I feel like I got to meet her, too :)

KateLouise said...

You have such a lovely eye for photos! You captured the essence of the gathering and the sentiment of the party. Great Job!
PS- we need to hang out when you get back!

emily scott said...

that last one of violet is absolutely phenomenal....LOVE IT!!

wouldn't it be wonderful to go to a retirement community or something like that and just capture the beautiful faces and stories of men and women like violet who have so much history to offer. i think it would be wonderful.