New wedding pics!

Before I run off to bed, wanted to update with some new wedding pics I shot two Saturdays ago. I had an awesome time shooting with two of the best photographers I know, Chris and Katie Humphreys! They are so wonderful to work with and let me tag along to shoot some of Robin and Matt's wedding at the Montecito Country Club. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and so fun to witness.

Thanks Chris and Katie! I'm really pumped because we're off to Berkeley this weekend to shoot Casey's brother's wedding! I absolutely love them and can't wait to hang out with Ben and his fiance. Ben and Mical! I can't wait to see you, shoot with you and sleep on your floor! Ha! This WILL be a fun weekend...:)

G'night all!


Katie Humphreys said...

sweet!! great shots- we were so glad to have you! now, can we just stick you in our suitcase to come to manhattan later this month? :)

thanks for comin' along!

ps. gracie says hi.