It's a beautiful, chilly wet day here in SB. I can't get enough of this weather. My favorite thing in all the world is waking up in my warm covers and feeling crisp, rained-on air coming in through the open window adjacent to our bed. I wish it rained more here...

Saw Slumdog Millionaire last night, which was really amazing. It was incredibly gritty and the movie was basically a long, unflinching look at India's slums and the people that come out of that environment. It was pretty much right on in its portrayal of what it's like, as much as I can say that not having spent time in Mumbai, but I've spent a little time in the North (Delhi area) and many of the problems there are similar.


Settling into my new job these last few days has been... interesting? I'm a little overwhelmed. Ha. I'm trying to get the hang of updating 3-4 times a day with different news stories, which is really rewarding when it's done, but I always feel like I'm running behind. I just need to establish a routine, I think. So far, this work has been GREAT and the people I'm working with are the best I could ask for. I'm pretty stoked. :)

I'm running out to a rummage sale really quick before I start on work for the day. I'm turning into a granny. Love it. Everyone have a great Friday!


Casey said...

You are SO not a granny. That rummage sale rocked.